Unconventional Christian?

I find myself more and more drawn to the less conventional way of Christian thought. I'm not sure if it's a generational thing or if I am just weird...sometimes I have a hard time understanding why I think so differently (some have labeled me liberal - I disagree)...or maybe it's because some feel that I have to believe a certain way in order to find favor among their collegues, church family, friends?

Let me explain.

There have been numerous things that I have gotten me really thinking about the "Christian way of thinking."

First, it was the Deeper Still conference I went to in Atlanta. There were 19,000 women in attendance - we were from all different backgrounds, ages, races, denominations, but you know what? We worshipped together. We fellowshiped together. We ate together. We laughed together. It's how you imagine heaven to be - differences don't matter. The only thing that really matters is Jesus. For that brief 36 hours, we left our differences at the door. We were all there to grow, learn, sing, cry and just praise the one most important thing we all have in common: Jesus Christ.

I read a story written by a co-worker today, and it was all about the generational differences between Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers/Millennials. Basically the lack of respect that exists between the generations; however, we all have one thing in common - we want to change the world and/or feel that what we are doing with our lives is meaningful and significant. I know I totally fall into that category. One of the hardest things for me to bear is to feel that what I am doing is not significant. One of my biggest fears is that I will wake up one morning as a 65 year-old woman and realize that I have nothing to help others during my life. What makes life significant? That is completely up to the person. Granted I haven't hit 30 yet, but I don't feel that I have reached at point of "significance" yet. I want the Lord to use me, stretch me, make me uncomfortable (bold, I know).

I long to get my hands dirty. I just want to help people. I want my life not to be judged by what I've done for myself, but what I've done for other people. I want to passionately share the love I have for Jesus with others. I want to find the fine line between tolerance of and intolerance so that I can sit on the line. However, I do know that if Scripture says something is wrong, it’s wrong. Plain and simple. No beating around the bush. But! I do not have the right to judge or condemn those who are wrong. I am to love them. Share Christ with them. Not push them away because they are different.I want to share Jesus with post-moderns, drug addicts, the homeless, gay people, believers, non-believers, transgender, atheists, single moms, women who've had abortions, Muslims, Jews and anyone who will listen. The denominational line is not something that will stop me from sharing my Savior just because I feel someone's lifestyle or way of worship is deemed taboo because it is different. My Jesus hung out with thieves, beggars, tax collectors, lepers, believers, non-believers - why can't I do the same?

Some may still say my way of thinking is liberal. I don't believe that it is. Some may think I'm being too tolerant. I don't think that I am. If I become so consumed with the "holier than thou" mentality, I become irrelevant to those who think differently than I. I am not allowed to judge. But I do know one thing, my Lord, Jesus Christ, commanded that I "go ye therefore" and tell everyone (this limits NO ONE, no matter their sexual preference, way of worship, beliefs, lifestyle, family history, substance use, etc.) about him and the everlasting love he offers to those who follow him. Praise the Lord for grace and mercy! It is only by his grace that I'm saved! I know what I was like before his grace rescued me, and it is much better with it than without it. Why wouldn't I want those who are "taboo" to the Christian world to experience this same grace?

Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (soap box: no where does it say the person being baptized needs to be in a SB church or baptized by a SB minister in order for it to "count")


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