More 'six words'

Turns out, writing six-word memoirs is kind of fun! Definitely not as challenging as I was expecting it to be. If your wondering what in the world I'm taking about click here.

I have received numerous 'six words' from friends and family...and I would love to have more (comment, hint hint). Here is an updated list of memoirs...the new ones are in pink:

My memoirs:

Loved deeply. Hurt painfully. Loved again. - me

By grace I have been saved. - me

Destined to be a nomad forever. - me

My biggest temptation is a sale. - me

Degree? Check. Job? Check. Restlessness? Check. - me

The following memoirs are from friends and/or family:

Seeking God's kingdom, everything else follows. - April Franklin, author of Discourses of a Vagabond with a Mission

Six feet deep; no glass ceiling. - Jianfranco Alvarez

Full of myself, running on empty. - Jianfranco Alvarez

Death no longer a bumble bee. - Jianfranco Alvarez

Live for Him, forever with Him. - April Franklin

Learn to serve, learn to lead. - April Franklin

Without pain love is not learned. - April Franklin

Life's not free; get a job. - Amie Nixdorf

More of Him, less of me. - Amie Nixdorf

Two schools of life: responsibility, accountability. - Amie Nixdorf


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