In remembrance of a great man

My dad (left) and John in the early days of their military careers. Please lift up John's family as they grieve losing him. And for my family as well. My dad has lost his childhood best friend.

Memorial Day

It's more than sales and cookouts.

I guess growing up an Army brat I take the holiday more personally. I am constantly reminded how amazing our soldiers. Not only that, but how much it would hurt to lose a loved one or friend in a war. To this day I still cry when I see pictures, videos and names of soldiers overseas. Everytime I fly through Atlanta (major hub for those going overseas) I cry when I see soldiers. Will this be the last time these men and women are on American soil alive? Depressing thought I know, but it's reality. I put myself in the families position...maybe it's because my dad is a soldier (he retired in March!), or maybe I just care too much. Who knows. Regardless - I just want to say "THANK YOU" to all our military.

Don't ever forget why we celebrate Memorial Day - not for the sales/cookouts/day off of work - but because of the courage and sacrifice of our military now and then.

Speaking of my dad retiring - take a look at this picture! Isn't he handsome?!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me...

Well I saw the third (and last? oh, how I hope it isn't) installment of 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' I really liked it (how could I not like a movie with Johnny and Orlando?!). Yeah, it's not getting good reviews...but I usually love the movies the critics hate. Jerry B. has done a great job on these movies, but if I could personally plead with him to make another movie I would! He said he was only making three movies, but why then did he leave it open for a fourth movie? I still have questions! And there was NO closure with most of the characters. Regardless, go see it! It was great - lots of good sword-fighting scenes. Also! Keira Knightly was such a dominate, powerful female - it was amazing! (spoiler) She becomes pirate KING, not queen, KING! How awesome is that?!

Lebanese friends

I met this family when I was in Beirut. They are from southern Lebanon, but came to the city so he could go to the doctor. They were so hospitable and friendly! My friend and I sat with them for almost an hour drinking tea and juice chatting with them in broken Arabic and broken English...more broken Arabic than English! His English was waaaaaaaay better than my very little Arabic! Please keep this family in your thoughts. The Father has been laying them on my heart over the past few days! When you have time, please lift them up. :)

Speaking of crying...this will do it

My roommate April shared this with me. This video was made by a 15 year-old girl in honor of our troops overseas.

BEWARE: You will NEED kleenex! I cried again...yep, like a little girl. (read the post below this one if your wondering why I'm crying like a little girl "again")

Ok, so it's not MY love I'm talking about...I just finished watching "A Walk to Remember," and I cried like a little girl...just like I do EVERY single time I watch that movie! Why?! Not sure what it is about that movie that gets me every time, but it sure does. Craziness.

How about you? Is there a movie that just gets to your emotions (not necessarily crying, but happy, angry...) every time you watch it?

Oh, and for those who haven't seen "A Walk to Remember," the title for this blog is a line in that movie. Now go watch "A Walk to Remember" if you haven't seen it! :)
I went home last week to surprise my dad for his big 5-0 birthday! It was good times - take a look at the high-tech bald man comb I gave him. :)

In March, my dad retired from the Army...this is a present my mom put together - it's some of the patches from units my dad was part of, his dog tags, a flag that flew at his retirement ceremony, and all the awards he collected over the years. I'm so proud of my dad!


I'm getting a puppy! Her name is Maggie and she's a miniture dachshund. She was born May 9th - I don't get to bring her home till July 8th (Penny's birthday - the other dachshund love of my life) though. :( It will come soon enough...until then I'll buy everything I need to spoil her. :)

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