Memorial Day

It's more than sales and cookouts.

I guess growing up an Army brat I take the holiday more personally. I am constantly reminded how amazing our soldiers. Not only that, but how much it would hurt to lose a loved one or friend in a war. To this day I still cry when I see pictures, videos and names of soldiers overseas. Everytime I fly through Atlanta (major hub for those going overseas) I cry when I see soldiers. Will this be the last time these men and women are on American soil alive? Depressing thought I know, but it's reality. I put myself in the families position...maybe it's because my dad is a soldier (he retired in March!), or maybe I just care too much. Who knows. Regardless - I just want to say "THANK YOU" to all our military.

Don't ever forget why we celebrate Memorial Day - not for the sales/cookouts/day off of work - but because of the courage and sacrifice of our military now and then.

Speaking of my dad retiring - take a look at this picture! Isn't he handsome?!


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