"Our love is like the wind..."

Ok, so it's not MY love I'm talking about...I just finished watching "A Walk to Remember," and I cried like a little girl...just like I do EVERY single time I watch that movie! Why?! Not sure what it is about that movie that gets me every time, but it sure does. Craziness.

How about you? Is there a movie that just gets to your emotions (not necessarily crying, but happy, angry...) every time you watch it?

Oh, and for those who haven't seen "A Walk to Remember," the title for this blog is a line in that movie. Now go watch "A Walk to Remember" if you haven't seen it! :)


    Of COURSE!!!! Chevy Chase in Vacation in Las Vegas. Makes me cry everytime too! Also, Major Payne...also makes me cry when he talks about the "little engine that could."


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