Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me...

Well I saw the third (and last? oh, how I hope it isn't) installment of 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' I really liked it (how could I not like a movie with Johnny and Orlando?!). Yeah, it's not getting good reviews...but I usually love the movies the critics hate. Jerry B. has done a great job on these movies, but if I could personally plead with him to make another movie I would! He said he was only making three movies, but why then did he leave it open for a fourth movie? I still have questions! And there was NO closure with most of the characters. Regardless, go see it! It was great - lots of good sword-fighting scenes. Also! Keira Knightly was such a dominate, powerful female - it was amazing! (spoiler) She becomes pirate KING, not queen, KING! How awesome is that?!


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