Sum your life up in SIX words

A few weeks ago, I bought a book of memoirs called "Not Quite What I was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Famous & Obscure Writers." Long title, I know. It is actually a fascinating book! Here are a few of the memoirs:

Taking a lifetime to grow up. -Mirona Iliescu

Recent doctorate means overeducated and underemployed. -Philip Sternberg

Even the quietest sounds make noise. -Paul Boggan

Seeking route, not sure of destination. -Gary Belsky

Drew on walls, creative for life. -DeAnna Sandoval

I auditioned. I got the part. -Faith Hoffman

This got me thinking. If I were to write a six-word memoir about myself, what in the world would I write? As a writer who likes to use a lot of words, the thought of only writing a six-word story is almost unrealistic and hard to even wrap my mind around.

What about you? How would you write your life in ONLY six words? If you're up for the challenge send me a comment with your six words (no cheating, only six!)

My next posts will (hopefully) be my memoir(s) in only six words...we'll see if this is possible! ;)


    Glad you liked mine :) This is the first time I come across someone other than an author who's got the book.


    Seeking God's kingdom, everything else follows.

    I pray that this is what the sum of my life will look like at the end.


    I know it's not to original, but...

    Live for Him, forever with Him.


    Learn to serve, learn to lead.


    Without pain love is not learned.


    More of Him, less of me.

    Two schools of life: 1)responsibility 2)accountability.

    supplied by Amie Nixdorf


    Life's not free; get a job.

    Supplied by Amie Nixdorf


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