My six words

As mentioned in my previous post, Sum your life up in SIX words, I am going to try my hand at a few six-word memoirs of my own, as well as, include some others have sent me. If you read my previous post, these six-word "stories" are not near as difficult to write as I thought...or I may be in the writer's "zone" right now...who knows! Anyway, please send me you six-word memoir(s) and I'll post them! :)

My memoirs:

Loved deeply. Hurt painfully. Loved again. - me

By grace I have been saved. - me

Destined to be a nomad forever. - me

My biggest temptation is a sale. - me

Degree? Check. Job? Check. Restlessness? Check. - me

The following memoirs are from friends and/or family:

Seeking God's kingdom, everything else follows. - April Franklin, author of Discourses of a Vagabond with a Mission

Six feet deep; no glass ceiling. - Jianfranco Alvarez

Full of myself, running on empty. - Jianfranco Alvarez

Death no longer a bumble bee. - Jianfranco Alvarez

Live for Him, forever with Him. -
April Franklin


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