God's reassuring presence

I received an email from a family friend this morning. Every morning he sends an update on his wife's health status. She has been going through a lot over the past 150-plus days. She has gone from bed-ridden and unable to turn herself over to walking some. Praise the Lord!

Today's email, Day 155, especially touched me though, so I wanted to share it with you...it's amazing the little things God bring into out lives to reassure us of his presence...

Day 155: I love God moments. Those are the ones where God does something great to surprise you and make your day. Marilyn has always had problems keeping up with her stuff like car keys and credit cards and we can all identify with that. These have very notably increased since her illness. In fact I spend a large amount of my at home time looking for her misplaced stuff. Three weeks ago she misplaced her wedding ring. I turned the house upside down,vaccuumed the floors and searched the residue but no ring. We had given up on that platinum item and I had put it out of my mind. Saturday I had cut the grass and trimmed and was using the blower to blow off the drive way. I looked down and saw a circular item that I thought had been embedded in the cement. When I bent down to inspect it,it was the wedding ring. How it got there I do not know or how it survived three previous times I had used the blower there I do not know. It was a God moment. A praise Jesus time for me. The ring is back on her finger and my day was made. Yesterday was an excellent day at rehab. They are increasingly making it harder and she is doing all she can to keep up. One friend from Canada called yesterday and said she knows more about my life than her own. I keep you updated so you will not fail to pray for us. Remember Aaron,Denise, Doug Couch and his wife, Orrin Barrett and that we love and appreciate you. Blessings.


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