Atlanta weekend

I had a great couple of days in Atlanta this past weekend with my family and David. The drive was long (the way back was MUCH longer, or at least it felt like it was)...we went to a Braves game on Sunday afternoon. It was lots of fun, but really, really hot.

It was pretty smoggy on Sunday...but that's pretty much Atlanta all the time during the summer...especially when it doesn't rain. But I still love it...and miss living there terribly.

David and I.

This would be the real me. Goofy. Haha!

And here is my brother. Just as goofy. I love this photo! Makes me laugh every time I look at it. Hahaha! Looove my brutha!

Turner Field.

Maggie in her jail riding back to Richmond...I know she looks pitiful, but she really does like being in her jail when she's in the car more than sitting in someone's lap...she's a very uptight and anxious traveler.


    On August 6, 2008 at 10:08 PM Anonymous said...

    Hola, muy lindo blog, esta barbaro, me gusto, voy a seguir pasando, saludos q andes bien y pasa por el mio cuando gustes ...



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