December 1 has finally arrived...well I guess it's not really 'finally' here, it's more like 'dang, I can't believe it's almost Christmas again.' My roommate April and I have been decorating for the holidays, wrapping Christmas presents and looking for tacky outfits for a Christmas party next week. I found a sweater today at Goodwill, it is terribly ugly - but perfect! :)

I have been in a weird mood over the past few days. Some may think I'm being morbid. I have been thinking about death, not MY death, just death in general. Maybe it's because it's the holidays and I am mourning for friends and family that are going to spend their first Christmas without a loved one. Or maybe it's because it's World AIDS Day today, and it makes me think about all those who have succumbed to this terrible, painful and unfair death.

When I was walking out of Goodwill today, I saw an elderly man walking into the store by himself. I immediately looked to see if he had a wedding band on - he didn't that I could see. What as my first thought? That he was a widow and his wife died and he was all alone. My heart immediately went out to him. Now, I don't even know if he is/was married, but this is where my mind has been. Have you ever found yourself in such a 'morbid' state? Feeling for people that you don't even know are actually hurting? I do it all the time.

On a happier note, I'm watching Harry Potter. I love these movies! Probably my favorite. Oh, and something else to be happy about - I am having a great hair day. Haha! :) Oh and I have some of my wonderful friends coming over to mine and April's apartment (we just resigned our lease, so we'll be living here for another year) to watch Christmas movies and eat good food! Yum!


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