The most ghetto-fabulous cake...ever!

Ok, I have made this cake before, and it turned out WONDERFUL! Not sure what happened this time - but it was ghetto from the beginning. Pretty soon after putting the two eight inch pans (with chocolate-cake batter of course) in the oven, I started to smell a burning smell. But there was NO WAY it could be burning - both pans were on top of cookie sheet so that they wouldn't burn. Well when I took them out of the oven I knew something had burned. I let the two cakes cool, and then took them out of their pans. One-half of one of the cakes was burned on the bottom and the other was PERFECT. After pulling off the burned parts from the bottom of one of the cakes I started to GLOB on the homemade peanut butter icing so that it would be somewhat level (it didn't work, by the way). I started putting the icing (which I have also made before, and it was fine) on the rest of it, and that's when the ghettofying continued. It just started to crumble, and the icing wouldn't spread!!!! ...After my roommate and I had a good laugh, we decided to take pictures. Why? Because this cake is bad. Real bad.

OH! But it tastes GREAT in case you were wondering...

Oh, I almost forgot - I was making this cake for Chris B. (and intern at work) who's last day is tomorrow. Sorry Chris! Not just for making a ghetto cake, but also because you won't get to try it. It's a little too embarrassing! Haha!

Have you seen or done worse?? If, so...I would loooove to see your "masterpiece." (Oh, and it has fallen apart more since these pictures were taken. Ha!)


    oh my gosh! it really is ghetto! HAHAHA! oh well! at least it still tastes good! =)


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