So it has been a few days since the last day of King's Fest...sorry for my lack of picture updates. The two headliners were Jeremy Camp and Todd Agnew. I was THRILLED to see Jeremy Camp because he is the artist that got me listening to Christian music again (pretty much after dctalk, I wasn't interested)...his music also has a big influence on my testimony, if you want to hear more just ask. :)


Todd Agnew:

Todd Agnew is the one wearing the 'Memphis' shirt. The man on the right was our amazing MC for all three days of King's Fest. He was great - I will forever think of him when I read (or hear) the verse about being 'salt and light' because of a message he gave on the second night.

Jeremy Camp:

I love this picture...however, I wish it wasn't so grainy-looking.

He's amazing.


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