Evan Almighty. What can I say?

It was a GREAT movie and I HIGHLY recommend it!

My roomate and I went to see it was one of those movies you walk out and want turn around and see it again. It was funny and it had a great moral. :)

Now...GO SEE IT...or I'm gonna "do the dance!" Don't know what I mean...well go see the movie then you can "do the dance" with me! :)

Maggie and her brothers!

Maggie with her brothers - she's the one looking down.

Both litters of puppies together. Maggie is the dark one looking up.

Maggie on the right.

My beautiful baby!

50 thing to do before I'm 70

These are the things I want to do before I turn 70...they are't in any particular order. :)

1. Go to all seven continents...I've been to five so far.
2. Live in London, England.
3. Do AIDS humanitarian work in Africa.
4. Adopt a child.
5. Own a horse.
6. Take an Alaskan cruise to see the whales.
7. Write a book about Papa.
8. Win the Pulitzer Prize.
9. Be a political writer.
10. Get at least one Master degree.
11. Get my Ph.D.
12. Live overseas longer than I've lived in the United States.
13. Own a Mini Cooper.
14. Go to LA and see the Hollywood sign and Mann's Chinese Theater.
15. Go to Mount Rushmore.
16. Visit the Grand Canyon.
17. See Niagra Falls.
18. Go skiing and not break any bones...I've never skiied before in my life.
19. Get a Golden Retriever.
20. Learn to play golf.
21. Go to the Masters.
22. Go to a World Series game (preferably with the Yankees and/or the Braves playing)
23. Go to Russia.
24. Pierce the tragus of my ear.
25. Buy a diamond ring from Tiffanys.
26. Learn Arabic, Italian and French.
27. Perfect my Spanish.
28. When the new list of the 7 Wonders of the World comes out, I want to see all seven.
29. Visit all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico.
30. Be an extra in a movie.
31. Attend a Bible study class taught by Beth Moore (in person).
32. Interview the President of the United States - former or present.
33. Read through the whole Bible and understand it all.
34. Go to the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando.
35. Visit all of the Disney theme parks in the world.
36. Swim in the Dead Sea.
37. Walk the road to Damascus.
38. Go to Bethlehem for Christmas.
39. Visit Sydney, Australia for New Years.
40. Write a story on human-sex trafficking.
41. Own a home on a golf course.
42. Go to a New York Yankees game before the current Yankee Stadium is torn down.
43. Go to a Broadway musical.
44. Get out of debt.
45. Visit Machu Pichu (spelling?).
46. Run a marathon.
47. Go back to Costa Rica.
48. Take a train trip across the United States.
49. Do rescue work with animals.
50. Learn to make a "hundred layer" cake.

More Maggie!

Here are the latest pictures of Maggie. She's 6 weeks old...and ADORABLE!!!


Some comics for your enjoyment.

A little Southern Baptist Convention humor courtesy of BP.

The "lap dog"

Meet Hogan, my cousin's gold retriever, who thinks he is a lap dog. :) Hiding behind Hogan is my Auntie.

Happy Father's Day!

Half of my crazy family. :) This was taken at my dad's surprise 50th birthday party.

I love you Daddy!

The most beautiful dog in the world!

Meet Penny, the first most beautiful dog in the world...Maggie is now second (you can see her picture if you scroll down).

Nalts, Nalts...he's a funny guy...yeeah

Have you met Nalts? If not, you need to go to YouTube and watch his videos! He is so funny!
Nalts, I hope you make the Partner Program with YouTube!

My baby!

New pictures of my Maggie!

Isn't she beautiful?!?!

You can find me in St. Louis...

I made an unplanned trip to St. Louis on Thursday night to go to John's (see below post) funeral. It was one of the hardest days of my life so far...just seeing the pain his wife and kids were going through and the unknown future, and to hear my dad's pain was enough to make it a hard day. was the most impressive funeral I have ever been to. John was honored with a FULL fledge military service. Please continue to lift up Bev (John's wife), and their children Stephanie, Jonathan and Natalie.

On a happier note, I was able to make a quick trip to the St. Louis arch with my parents. Below are some pictures of our trip.

I took the above image looking straight down at the Mississippi River from the top of the arch.

My parents and I.

I was standing right next to the arch when I took this picture...I just looked straight up when I took it (above image).

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