You can find me in St. Louis...

I made an unplanned trip to St. Louis on Thursday night to go to John's (see below post) funeral. It was one of the hardest days of my life so far...just seeing the pain his wife and kids were going through and the unknown future, and to hear my dad's pain was enough to make it a hard day. was the most impressive funeral I have ever been to. John was honored with a FULL fledge military service. Please continue to lift up Bev (John's wife), and their children Stephanie, Jonathan and Natalie.

On a happier note, I was able to make a quick trip to the St. Louis arch with my parents. Below are some pictures of our trip.

I took the above image looking straight down at the Mississippi River from the top of the arch.

My parents and I.

I was standing right next to the arch when I took this picture...I just looked straight up when I took it (above image).


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