My Lebanese family

I have a picture I want to share with you. It is of a family I met while I was visiting Lebanon (I want to go back so bad!). I think I may have blogged about them before...

A friend and I were walking down to the Mediterranean Sea when we saw this family having a picnic lunch by a rock. My friend asked if he could take their picture. They said yes, and then invited us to have tea with them. We refused a couple of times (as is true Arab culture I am told) and then agreed to sit with them for awhile. We had three cups of tea with them. We talked religion, politics and just life in general. After our third (or was it fourth?) cup of tea, the man (who is a taxi driver, but came to Beirut for a doctor appointment) invited us to his family's home in southern Lebanon. We had to catch a plane the following day, so we were forced to refuse. He told us that we were family, and welcome to their home anytime we were in Lebanon.

This family was the highlight of my trip. I still think about them often.


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