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I've turned into a blog slacker. I think about it all the time, but then just never do anything about it. Slacker? Yes. I am. :)

Well I am sitting here on my couch watching the last 20 seconds of the UNC-Clemson game (Carolina is winning, of course). :) It is a beautiful day, I have all the windows opened. Today is what - I imagine - all Sundays should be like. Spring is coming, and I love it! I decided today, like I probably do every year, that spring and fall are my favorite seasons. Other than the fact that I all of the sudden developed allergies and sinuses since moving to Richmond, I love the springs here.

I'm doing what I usually do on Sunday - washing clothes and cleaning whatever else needs cleanin'. :) I always say I am going to clean on my Friday off or on Saturday, but it never seems to happen that way. Sunday is the day. My dog Maggie is doing what she normally does too: being a pest and INSISTING on sitting in my lap. Who cares if my laptop is in my lap - she'll lay on my hands. Sometimes I think she is more cat than dog.

Praise the Lord for his faithfulness! Just thought I would fit that in there. :)

I was thinking today, how I love this Holy Week that just started. I am looking forward to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services. :) Even though we know the outcome (King Jesus dying for my/your sins on the cross and then raising from the dead three days later, guaranteeing me/you eternal life with him), it is still hard to rejoice when I think of his brutal death on the cross. Having seen "The Passion of the Christ" I don't think I can ever imagine the crucifixion the same again. I knew it was brutal: I was told it was, I read it was. But it wasn't until I SAW the bloody reenactment that I actually understood. Maybe that's because I'm a visual learner? Or maybe because it just makes it real. Having said that, I don't own the movie, nor do I ever want to see it again. It was hard enough to watch my Savior (yes, I know it wasn't really him) tortured and killed. It took all I had to not scream "STOP! STOP!" while sitting in the theater. BUT! like I said, the outcome...oh praise Jesus for the outcome! JESUS ROSE FROM THE GRAVE three days later, washed away my/your sins. PTL!

Have you ever seen this website: www.commissionstories.com? You really should check it out! Especially the video "Braving Bullets." It will definitely touch you, move you and just want to say WOW and shout AMEN. It is absolutely amazing. Seriously. Check it out.


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