Last night April, Mindy and i went to see Bebo Norman and Shane & Shane play at Jerry Fallwell's church in Lynchburg, Va. It was wonderful (and FREE!)! Mindy and April were going for Shane & Shane, I am a Bebo fan. But I do have a new respect for Shane & Shane...I was never much of a fan, but now I am - they are really good, and Shane B. can sing! Dang!

We all got to "meet and greet" with the Shanes and Bebo after the concert - which was AWESOME! We got their autographs, and I got to talk to Bebo about being from Columbus, Ga. and me living in Albany, Ga. (1.5 hours away from Columbus).

We all forgot our cameras (which sucked), but I'm hoping to get some of the pictures from some of the people who were there from Mindy and April's is a picture April took with my cellphone camera (so, obviously it isn't the best quality) of me and Bebo. :)


    Marie! I heard you got your hair chopped. How about posting up a photo, huh? Share with those on the other side of the world...


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